Our son Michael has cerebral palsy and a shy demeanor. John Reiss has worked with Michael through the years and through John’s assistance, our son has grown. Furthermore, our son Michael views John as his friend. It is through compassionate and trustworthy people such as John Reiss that our son and others with special needs can experience a fun and safe environment that feels like family. We are very grateful to John Reiss.
John and Blandina Junyk

John takes the time to discern and acknowledge the individual needs of each team member. John treats everyone with the utmost respect and value. John’s work with our daughter continues to strengthen her confidence in her abilities.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Manzo

John’s passion to help those with a lesser voice in society speaks monuments to his character and commitment to social equality. John's  athletes have discovered new levels of ability and confidence to achieve further greatness. While Special Olympics touches the hearts through the souls of its athletes, it takes a particularly special individual like John to create an environment of support and success.
Jimmy Wong
Former Regional Sports Manager
Special Olympics Southern California, Orange County Region

Exercise and fitness for the special needs community.

John Reiss Fitness

I have known John both personally and professionally for the past six years; besides his patience and good humor, John brings energy and enthusiasm to his coaching and is dedicated to the special needs community.
David I. Armendariz, MA
Director - Orange County Region

Special Olympics Southern California

John was always encouraging our residents to be the best they could be in whatever they chose to do. John was so enthusiastic about proper diet and exercise that resulted in each resident's overall well being. He set up exercise classes with several groups of residents, sometimes 10-15 at a time.  He was able to meet each one at their level or ability and worked diligently to improve their quality of life and increase their self esteem. Because of his hard work and patience we noticed the residents became strong and fit all the while enjoying the workout. John would switch things up so that the routines were not monotonous. This kept them engaged and excited about the workout times.
Brenda Tredway
Medical Care Coordinator
Glennwood House of Laguna Beach