Exercise and fitness for the special needs community.

John Reiss Fitness

You Can Change a Life.

Exercise brings fitness,confidence and empowerment to those with special needs. You can make a difference.  Sponsor one class a week for 12 weeks and you will change lives. Everyone deserves to be healthy and you can make that possible.

Your donation will allow John Reiss Fitness to add additional classes throughout the Orange County area, always free of charge to our students.

When you sponsor a class:

  • You will bring health and fitness to our community.
  • You will provide a social outlet for those with special needs to make new friends.
  • Your company name will be promoted on the John Reiss Fitness website with a link to your homepage.
  • At the class check-in table, there will be a space for your business cards or brochures.
  • Your company will be listed in our company newsletter.
  • You will be changing people's lives.